When the local meteorologists announce the first frost of the season, homeowners around Louisville, KY begin to pour the cocoa and turn on the furnace. If instead of the comforting hum of warm air, you hear an odd noise, or pure silence – it is time to have your heater serviced before the temperatures dip. Breckenridge Heating & Cooling in Louisville is ready to restore warmth and comfort to homes across metro area with furnace repair.

When you need your furnace, heat pump, or boiler repaired fast, Breckenridge HVAC is already on their way. We service Louisville, KY and surrounding areas 24 hours a day every day of the week. We work with you to make sure the job is done on time and on budget so you can enjoy the warmth of winter indoors.

Common Furnace Problems

Heating Repair Louisville KYSome of the most common calls we get for Louisville furnace repair are simple fixes that we can repair quickly and inexpensively. There is no need to live in frigid temperatures because you are worried about a high heating bill. The most common symptoms include:

1. The pilot light is out

2. The furnace won’t turn on at all, or won’t stay on for more than a few minutes

3. Furnace is not blowing warm air

4. The blower is either on constantly, or won’t turn on at all

5. Loud or strange noises coming from the heating unit

Our Furnace Repair Solutions

Our first solution is always to find the underlying cause of the symptoms listed above. Within minutes, our technicians can perform a diagnostic test to pinpoint the exact problem and come up with a solution. While a heating system can be complex, most solutions have simple fixes often completed in the same day. Some of the most common solutions include:

Burner Repair: No pilot light could be due to a blocked flue, faulty control board, or improper limit control. A dirty flame sensor or a clogged drain are the most common causes for units that will not stay lit. Our technicians will first clean and then make adjustments as necessary to get the pilot light burning strong.

Motor Replacement: If you hear sounds from the motor, it may be about to fail. We can replace the motor to prevent the entire furnace from breaking down.

Air Filter: Problems with the blower are often linked back to the air filter. Our technicians can replace the air filter, if necessary

Preventative Maintenance
Our HVAC technicians take the extra time to educate homeowners about what they can do to care for the heating system and prevent future problems. This may include showing a homeowner how to replace an air filter, common seasonal rituals, or perform a thorough furnace cleaning. Even with the best-maintained heating systems, problems still arise. For those times, we are here 24/7 to help you with any emergency furnace repair in the Louisville, KY area. And if you ever need to replace your old heating system we can provide new furnace installation too.


No Service Charge With Repairs. No Extra Charge for Service on Weekends.


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