At Breckinridge Heating & Cooling, we’re committed to offering high-quality air duct cleaning services to the residents of Louisville, KY. It’s important to have clean air ducts in your home. As time passes, dirt and dust can build up on the insides of your ductwork. This can reduce airflow throughout your home and cause your heater and air conditioner to work harder than normal. This may lead to increased energy bills and reduce the functional lifespan of your heater and air conditioner. Getting regular duct cleaning performed can ensure that you have clean air circulating throughout your home.

    It’s recommended that ducts get cleaned every three to five years. Living in a dusty environment can lead to the need for increased cleanings. People who suffer from respiratory problems could also benefit from more frequent cleanings. You’ll want to have the ducts in your home cleaned after you finish any type of renovation or construction project on your property.

    Comprehensive Air Duct Cleaning Services

    A professional will hook a powerful vacuum into the ductwork of your home. This will allow them to vacuum out all dirt and leave the walls of your ducts clean. A professional will be able to alert you to any issues that they find with your ductwork and offer advice on getting them resolved.

    There are many reasons to get regular cleanings for your ducts.

    • Reduced energy bills
    • Lower heating and cooling maintenance costs
    • Cleaner indoor air
    • Increased airflow

    Louisville’s Reliable Duct Cleaning Experts

    At Breckinridge Heating & Cooling, we’re committed to meeting the individual needs of each of our Louisville customers. Our locally owned and operated company is BBB accredited, and we’re also certified by the EPA. Each of our technicians is highly experienced and ready to give each job their full attention. All of the small details will be taken care of professionally and efficiently. We’ve been serving area residents since 1954, and our goal is to earn the trust of everyone we work with.

    We strive to keep our services as accessible as possible. We charge reasonable rates and can give you a cost estimate for any job before we get started. You can find our office on Star Lane in Louisville, and we’re ready to serve any of your individual needs. Our goal is to offer an outstanding customer experience from start to end. We’ll always respect your best interests and answer any questions you have about the ducts in your home.

    To learn more about how we could help you keep the air ducts in your Louisville home clean and safe, give the team from Breckinridge Heating & Cooling a call today.