How To Prepare Your HVAC For Cold Weather

March 3, 2023

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures begin to drop, winter’s icy grip looms ever closer. For homeowners and business owners in LOUISVILLE, KY,… View Article

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When To Repair Your Heating System

February 2, 2023

As the seasons change and temperatures drop, our homes become our sanctuaries of warmth and comfort. To ensure cozy living spaces, it’s crucial to have… View Article

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When Furnace Replacement Is Better Than Repair

January 3, 2023

As the temperatures drop and winter’s chill begins to seep in, we find ourselves seeking solace in the comforting warmth of our heating systems.  According… View Article

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Are Dirty or Clogged Filters Making You Secretly Sick?

December 2, 2022

The air in your home is full of microorganisms you may not even realize exist. On top of these organisms, we also deal with dust,… View Article

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How To Do A Heating System Inspection

October 31, 2022

As the temperatures drop and the frosty winds make their presence felt, our home’s heating system becomes the unsung hero, warding off the bone-chilling cold… View Article

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2022 Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist

October 3, 2022

Fall is quickly approaching, and with it comes a myriad of household checks and maintenance. HVAC systems are built to last, but they need a… View Article

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What Does a SEER Rating Mean?

September 6, 2022

As energy efficiency becomes more and more prevalent in society, you may notice the abbreviation SEER. This stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and relates… View Article

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Most Common Reasons for HVAC Service Calls

August 5, 2022

Your HVAC system is designed to keep you comfortable all year round, but that doesn’t mean it’s always going to work exactly the way you… View Article

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Can a Landlord Leave You Without AC?

June 20, 2022

As a tenant in Louisville, Kentucky, you can leverage certain rights to your advantage if the AC stops working. By law, a landlord in this… View Article

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Is Running an Air Conditioner 24/7 Wise?

May 18, 2022

Hot weather is not always enjoyable, and interiors can become quite uncomfortable when the thermostat drifts in an upward direction. Thankfully, an HVAC cooling system… View Article

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