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April 12

Does Thermostat Placement Matter?

The role of a thermostat is to regulate your residence’s temperature by controlling and monitoring your HVAC system’s output. These devices are fitted with controls… View Article Read More

Spring in Louisville, KY
March 14

7 Steps To Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring

As the weather starts changing around Louisville, the excitement builds to throw open the windows and spend time outside. Before you know it, summer will… View Article Read More

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August 17

6 Common Cooling Myths You Should Know

As the summer rolls in, people want to be sure that they can save money and keep themselves and their homes at a comfortable temperature…. View Article Read More

AC Vacation Settings in Louisville, KY
July 26

Best AC Settings When Leaving for Vacation

When you’re getting ready to leave for summer vacation, there are many things on your mind. One of these is what temperature you should set… View Article Read More

AC Reset Button in Louisville, Kentucky
June 15

How To Reset Air Conditioning Unit

Having a home central air conditioning system is a necessity to ensure that your family stays nice and cool this summer season. Unfortunately, sometimes power… View Article Read More