How To Get The Most Out Of A Louisville, KY Home Show

Home show season is upon us and many contractors, innovators, homeowners, and home service companies from the Louisville, KY area will soon be showing off some of the finest, newest, and most innovative products in indoor and outdoor living.

Crowds flock to home shows to get ideas, inspiration, or to satisfy simple curiosity. Louisville home shows can be a great place to get ideas for interior decorating, local outdoor landscaping, innovative remodels in the south, or other home improvement projects in Kentucky.

Home expo show in Louisville, KY.

But how do you get the most out of a home show and what are the things to look for without getting overwhelmed? We’ve broken it down to help you navigate best navigate the next home show you attend.

Why are you going?

Have a reason to attend the show. Perhaps you are looking for a specific contractor or product, maybe you’re looking for simple updates you can do yourself, or décor ideas. Know what your purpose is before you start, that will allow you to organize yourself and make the most out of your trip.

What’s the plan?

Most home shows have a large list of vendors and a map of locations. Make a game plan according to what vendors or what floor plans you are interested in. You can even rank them and go to the most important ones first, or you can simply map out your route in order. Make a game plan. Navigate the show in a way that meets your goals instead of wandering around haphazardly.

How long will it take?

Generally, home shows aren’t a simple in-an-out trip. Plan your trip to the home show on a day when you can spend several hours. You don’t want to be rushed, or incessantly checking the time. Be sure the others you bring with you understand that you may be walking and browsing for several hours, which might mean it’s best to leave the little ones at home.

What to bring?

Different home shows may have different restrictions, but if photography is allowed, a smartphone is a great tool to use to take pictures and gather information. Write down business names, product information, or contractor phone numbers and websites to check later. If you already have a project in mind, bring dimensions and information with you so you can find solutions on the spot.

Who will be there?

One of the best resources at a home show or home expo is the professionals you may meet while you are there. This is a great opportunity to talk to contractors in the Louisville area and get a sense of their skills. Many home shows offer seminars throughout the day.

Schedule your visit to attend any of the seminars you are interested in. This is a great way to get up close and personal with products or services you are interested in.

They may even provide hands-on education and one-on-one advice from professionals. If you’re at all slightly interested in a product or service a vendor has, get their contact information so you can follow-up.

List Of Louisville Home Shows

Home shows are a great way to get information for indoor and outdoor living all in one spot. You don’t have to run from one store to another, hunt down a sales person and ask all the right questions.

They give you the opportunity to get everything you need (and more) in an afternoon. Look for home show information in the fall and spring at a Louisville, KY location near you!

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