Breckinridge Heating & Cooling provides smart Wi-Fi thermostats in Louisville, KY and surrounding areas. Arranging for Wi-Fi thermostat installation services from Breckinridge Heating & Cooling is a great step toward ensuring that your Louisville home maintains a healthy, comfortable living environment. Equipping your home with smart Wi-Fi thermostats is an affordable way to improve your quality of life.

    Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat in Louisville

    The benefits of having a smart Wi-Fi thermostat installed in your Louisville home are numerous. In addition to giving you the ability to control your home’s HVAC systems remotely via the internet, it also provides significant energy savings. Even when you are away, you can still use your Wi-Fi thermostat to help keep tabs on your home’s temperature and make adjustments.

    Aside from the live climate control features that typically come with most smart Wi-Fi thermostats, many can also detect whether or not people are at home. If nobody is home, your Wi-Fi thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature to a lower setting, saving you lots of energy. This helps you also save on electric bills.

    The following are factors to consider when getting a smart thermostat.

    • Price
    • Functionality and features
    • Wired or wireless installation
    • Compatibility with your HVAC system
    • User interface
    • Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Installation method
    • Device compatibility

    Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation Company

    Breckinridge Heating & Cooling is a local family-owned business that has been offering professional heating and cooling services for the residents of Louisville and surrounding areas since 1954. We excel at installing Wi-Fi thermostats. Our technicians are licensed, insured, and ready to install smart thermostats in accordance with your needs. Our trained team members can carry out smart Wi-Fi thermostat installations and take care of any existing system issues your thermostat might have right away, ensuring your system runs well year-round.

    At Breckinridge Heating & Cooling, we are committed to providing customers in Louisville with quality services. We make sure to offer services that best fit the needs of our clients and the requirements within their homes and businesses. We are located on Star Lane. After booking an appointment, one of our technicians will provide you with straightforward advice on smart thermostats and solutions to meet all your needs to make your home more comfortable. We are a BBB-accredited company with an A+ rating. We are also EPA certified and work with Energy Star-certified products.

    Call Breckinridge Heating & Cooling today to schedule Wi-Fi thermostat installation services for your home in Louisville. Our experienced electricians will be waiting for your call and will be ready to come to assist you in the best way they can. We also offer smart Wi-Fi thermostat installation services in Middletown and Jeffersontown.