Updating Your Air Conditioning

As the summer months quickly approach, you may be starting to consider the performance of your cooling system. Due to the fact that it is an important part of every household, updating your air conditioning and making sure that it is in proper working order is imperative as the hotter part of the year nears. At Breckinridge HVAC, we can discuss your specific case with you and help you come up with a maintenance plan that will give you peace of mind throughout the year.

When you start to think about updating your air conditioning, you may first want to think about simple things that you could do before replacing the entire system. Fortunately, there are a few steps that you can take yourself as you proactively work to keep the cooling system in your household as functional as possible. Increasing the airflow is one way that can help in this situation. By using fans, you can redistribute air more easily. As a result, your home will cool more quickly. Clearing vents is another step that can prove to be beneficial prior to updating your air conditioning.

Abstaining from changing the temperature in frequent or dramatic ways, keeping your blinds closed, and changing the air filter are other helpful things that could keep you from having to go about updating your air conditioning. Taking the aforementioned steps can then help prolong the life of the system, keep your cost down, and help those who suffer from allergies mitigate their symptoms.

However, even if you make the previously mentioned effort, you may still find yourself having an issue with your HVAC. Hearing a humming noise, experiencing warm air being blown out instead of cold, or seeing water around the base of the unit are all common issues we see in our line of work. Additionally, you may find that the unit will not even turn on whatsoever. If you have found yourself dealing with any of these unexpected problems, you may want to consider updating your air conditioning to ensure a comfortable environment. Fortunately, our friendly staff can help you solve any hurdles you may be experiencing.

Furthermore, other signs may be present that indicate that you, in actuality, need to replace the entire system. If you notice that your home is being cooled unevenly or if your unit is more than 10 years old, it is likely that you should consider updating your air conditioning. It is also important to note that if your suggested repairs cost more than a third of what it would cost to replace the entire thing then you may want to consider reworking your initial maintenance or repair plan as well.

If you would like to find out more information about how our team members can help you begin updating your air conditioning, feel free to get in touch. We can be reached by phone at (502) 363-6133. By giving us a call, we can discuss the safest and most effective way to assist you amid the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis. As our service area includes Louisville and the surrounding area, we can help you wherever you may be located. Since our founding in 1961, we have proudly delivered quality service to each one of our customers and would love to add you to that list. Contact us today to begin.

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